Background, Quality and Ethics

The National Parks and surrounding conservation areas of Southern Africa present unequalled opportunities¬†for the enjoyment of unspoiled nature. The huge variety of wildlife, botanical richness, geological features and scenery set in these vast regions, are unique. We were fortunate to have been able to travel through the Southern African wilderness with all it’s splendour and these photographs are an attempt to reflect the spirit of the wilds. The photographs contained in this site are the result of more than 35 years of this privilege and we would like to share some of these moments of magic with you.

All images have been recorded with the best quality photographic equipment, but resolution has been reduced for faster viewing. All animals and plants were photographed in their natural, wild habitat and not in captivity, or cultivation. We strive to provide a true, unaltered representation of observed real life scenes, at all times. Original colors are retained as closely as practically possible. Nature does not need digital enhancement. What you see, is as we were privileged to see it.